Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A Question Of Standards

When choosing which UPVC windows and doors to buy for your home, you may assume that all the products and services offered by the various companies that you see are all pretty much the same. However, the quality and specifications of home improvement products can vary considerably. So how can you be sure that you’re choosing products of the highest standards?

At Horsford Window and Conservatory Company Ltd, we ensure that all our products are of premium quality and are fitted to the highest standards. To assure our customers that they’re getting the best, we provide them with a comprehensive checklist, highlighting our exacting standards.

Before you decide on which doors and windows to choose for your home, be sure to ask questions such as:
  • Is the width of the frame 70mm? (Many companies supply frames under this width)
  • Is the actual window (not just the lock) covered by the Police Approved ‘Secured by Design’ Licence? (Ask to see a copy)
  • Is the actual window covered by a British Standard licence? (Ask to see a copy of the certificate)
  • Is the UPVC guaranteed by the actual producer for 10 years against warping, cracking or discolouration? (Ask for proof)
  • Are the ‘keeps’ (the bits that the locks fit into) made from steel? (Some companies still use plastic)
  • Is there a steel anti-jemmy device fitted on all window-opening sections?
If a company can’t answer all these questions (and more besides) positively, they’re possibly not offering the standard of windows that you require. At Horsford, we can say ‘yes’ to all of the above, offering you the best in quality, value and service.

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Monday, 2 February 2015

Adding Style And Value

With spring not too far on the horizon, now is the time to consider which home improvements to choose that will add style, comfort, space and value to your property.

The addition of an orangery to your home not only creates additional living space, but adds an interesting style feature to your property, which ultimately adds value and selling power should you decide to move on.

One happy customer, Mr H, believes that his Horsford orangery was a big factor in securing the recent sale of his home. He felt that all potential buyers that viewed his property instantly fell in love with the orangery, which added a big ‘wow’ factor to the building. He exclaimed, “The orangery sold the house!”

Whether you’re looking to improve your home for your own use and enjoyment, or with a view to adding value and creating a more marketable property, an orangery fitted by the expert Horsford team could be just what you need.

Take a look at to read more, then give us a call on 01603 666414 to discuss an orangery design for your property.